2009 Olga Gernovski

Olga was born in Ukraine where she has started her art education. There she studied painting and drawing for several years, then completed her learning at the Art Institute of Boston

After many years of studying and searching for her personal style she found it. She calls it Color Dance.
“I like the feeling of the dynamics of line; its energy, its capacity to state and elaborate, and its suggestive qualities. I wish the people looking at my paintings to feel acuteness of a red blossom, transparency of glass, rushing forces of nature, thrill of human relations. At those moments lines flow as music and every artwork is a confession.”

Olga is a member of Marblehead Art Association since 1997, Rockport Art associations since 2005. She participated in numbers of Art exhibitions and festivals, several of them international. In 2000 she has been awarded with a prestige grant of John Anson Kittredge Educational Fund. Many of her works were honored by First and Second Prizes, the latest of which is 2004 Marblehead Art Festival “People Choice” award for Painting.

Olga collaborates with art galleries in Boston, Massachusetts area.  During 2002 and 2003 her artwork was displayed by “The New Art on Newbury” gallery on Newbury Street in Boston. Her paintings are held in private collections in many countries including United States, Switzerland, Holland, Russia and Ukraine.  See more of Olga’s work and read about her recent and upcoming shows in the Boston area on her website.
Olga Gernovski’s 2009 Exhibit in the Corridor Gallery at Hancock Church

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