About Bells

Hancock is blessed with a robust and lively handbell program under the direction of two experienced and committed leaders: Marilyn Becker is the Associate Director of Music, and Cheryl Kraley is the volunteer leader of several of Hancock’s bell groups.  Those interested in joining any of Hancock’s bell groups are encouraged to join in either January or September.  Contact Marilyn (marilyn.becker@hancockchurch.org) for more information, and look out for special introductory bell events in September where seasoned ringers are available to share information about the programs.

THE HANCOCK JUNIOR HANDBELL RINGERS is a beginning choir for 2nd graders that read music and all 3rd– 5th graders that meets at 9-9:50 am about 2 Sundays a month. Participants will learn elementary concepts of handbell ringing and reading music through games and bell ringing activities. A commitment to be on time and attend a majority of rehearsals is necessary.

THE MARTING TO GLORY PLUS RINGERS is an intergenerational, mixed abilities handbell choir for middle school, high school, and adult ringers. Everyone will be challenged to their own ability, working as a team to create beautiful music for church services, concerts, and festivals. Rehearsals are 9-9:50 am about 2 Sundays a month. A commitment to be on time and attend a majority of rehearsals is necessary. Come and experience making music as a team sport!

THE HIGH SCHOOL ENSEMBLE. This year the high school and middle school choirs will join forces on Sunday mornings before church. Our experienced high school ringers will get a chance to use their advanced bell and leadership skills in this new expanded group. We are recruiting new high school ringers to join us in the MARTING TO GLORY PLUS. If you like to play music, but hate to practice at home, bells are the instrument for you!

THE TWELVE BELL RINGERS is a beginner group for those who would like to try ringing bells in a non-threatening environment. If you can tell your right from your left, count to four, and laugh, you can ring bells!  No experience or commitment necessary. If you read music or played an instrument years ago, you’ll be ahead of the game! We have time set aside on Friday mornings 9:30-10:45 and Tuesday evenings 7-8:15. If you are interested, call or e-mail to sign up for a 5 week trial group.

THE MORNING GLORY RINGERS. This fun-loving group of adults ring intermediate level music on Friday mornings 9:30-10:45, preparing for occasional church services, community outreach programs, and the holiday concert.  After rehearsal, members may gather for coffee and social time in the bell room. This group can be a steppingstone to the Hancock Carillon.

THE HANCOCK CARILLON is an experienced group of high school and adult ringers playing six octaves of bells at an advanced level. Rehearsals are Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 PM.  A commitment to attend all rehearsals (or find a substitute) is expected. The group prepares music for church services, concerts, community outreach programs, and bell workshops/festivals. If you are an experienced ringer and think you might like to try ringing in this bronze level group, please contact Marilyn Becker.


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